Gerber Chameleon II

Feb 21, 1999
Ok this is not a knife that will compete with even an average Benchmade or Spydeco, but for the about 20 dollars that it costs it is sort of neat. I bought it friday, and have played with it a little since then, and I have to say that I am both impressed and disappointed at the same time with this knife. First the things that I like...
1) This was the first Gerber that I have bought that came sharp enough to shave hair.
2) The whole finger thing is sort of unusual and nice, I can envision some tasks where it would be really convieniant, like anything involving slimy hands.
3) The grip is actually comfortable and seems very natural, I think that you could use this knife for a long time without hurting your hand.
4) It is fairly unique and I for one like unique ideas...if they work.

Now for the things that I do not like.
1) The Knife is really thick.
2) No clip, I guess that I am spoiiled but I really see no reason to carry a sheath for a pocket knife.
3) The action is not smooth...this is due to the patented bolt-action locking mechanism...the spring that pushes the lock up just exerts too much force which causes an undue amount of friction. If you hold the lock open while you open or close the knife it is suprisingly smooth.
4) The knife came drenched in oil. I do lubricate my knives, but I don't like to get really oilly hands the first time I hold a knife...though I guess it did give me a chance to try out the saf.t.grip right off the bat.

On the whole I would say that the knife is well executed and I would recomend it to someone who is looking for an inexpensive knife. Or to someone like myself who has many knives and just has to have the next cool looking one that they see.