Gerber Covert BT Problems....rough open....smooth at first thou...

Jan 26, 2000
Hi guys,

I recently purchased the new BT coated version of the Gerber Covert from Initially I was VERY happy with the knife. Opened smoothly either right or left handed after a little initial break in. However, now its developed a serious problems, and I can't pinpoint the cause. The knife has become very difficult to open, and sometimes almost impossible opening it left handed. It seems like its binding on or something, althou I can't see what could be causing it. Also the little Interlock Saftey button is nowhere hear as smooth as it was when I first got the knife 3 weeks ago. From looking it the knife it seems that engaging the Interlock safety is rubbing at away the BT coating. Maybe the coating is gumming up the hinge I don't know. I was just wondering if anyone else here has had a similar experience with the Covert (especially the BT coated) and what you thought I should do about it. Should I send it back to Gerber? Anything you could tell me would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


I don't have a Gerber Covert (just not my type), but here's a few suggestions:

1. Have you tried oiling the pivot area? Could be some pocket lints or dirt, just a thought. Shoot the pivot area, and that interlock mechanism for that matter, with WD-40 (excellent cleaner, lousy lubricant IMO) and lock/unlock the knives a few times. I usually let the WD-40 on for a while to let it work. Wash the knife afterwards and dry it completely. Canned air is also helpful to dry that hard to reach area. Don't forget to reapply any quality lubricant though.

2. Does the pivot pin have any kind of adjustment screw? If it does, have you tried to adjust it?

3. I don't know how difficult it is to disassemble/reassemble the Covert, but you may want to try it to see what's causing the problems. Mind you though that it may screw your warranty, so make sure you check the all the papers.

If doing 1 (and 2) doesn't help and you don't want to do 3, then it's time to send it back to Gerber.

Well, that's just the thing, the first thing I did was oil and lube it. AND, it was opening/closing smoothly before, and it isn't now. In my adjusting the pivot screw should be unneccesary since it was working so good before. Having to do that so soon, and after it was working so good, is an indication that something is wrong with the knife. Maybe it IS time to send it back. Thanks for the ideas thou.

Actually I guess ms last post was maybe a little misleading
I didn't try to lubricate it until AFTER it starting binding and stick on me, so I know its not the lube doing it. I just used a little teflon impregnated spray lubricant made by Liqid Wrench.