Gerber "Covert Folder"

Jul 3, 2000
Has anyone done a review, or have any experience with this knife? How does it compare to Benchmade or Microtec products? I received one today as a gift the markings on the blade say ATS-34 but it does not seem as hard as other blades I have in this steel.
The Covert is one of my favorite everyday knives. The blade is an excellent and versatile utility blade. The knife is strong, well made, light, and with the LAWKS, reliable.

I recently through the Covert into an edge durability test that I did with a few of my ATS-34 and 154CM blades, chopping through coat hanger wire. The Covert was one of only two blades that were not damaged at all. The other was a CPM420V Darrel Ralph blade. Gerber has done a good job heat treating the Covert blades.

I wrote a review of the Covert for the KnifeCenter of the Internet a couple of years ago. I like the knife even more now.

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use the search function & do a search - this knife was the subject of much discussion a year ago or so - I liked it a lot, but the pivot loosened up on me & tightening didn't do the trick so I gave it to a friend. Too bad, one of my favorite production knives ever. YMMV.

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The first production run has perfect left hand ergonomics. This model can be identified by the lock being on the scale instead of at the base of the tang.

I carry a first prod. run in my L front jeans pocket.

The liner is a little thin, but it feels pretty good. Didn't own one yet, but a friend's brother did. It (the knife) tragically passed away in a motorcycle accident.
Split into pieces when it flipped out of the pocket and skidded on the road.

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If you got it for free, then you got a real good deal!

Although it's better than your hardware store special, I don't think it's worth the $100+ some dealers still try to sell it for. There are too many other good knives from other companies for $100+. However, the Covert is a fun knife. The blade flicks out quickly, and it is definitely stylish with that neo-stilleto design.

The cons are that the liners - particularly the liner leaf lock - are too thin, and the opening could be smoother.

Thank for the Info!
I think this unit is destine to become my desk knife. It's easier to open bills with something that looks a little militant.
I've had one for about 1½ years. Had to send it in for repair, but it came back within 2 weeks. The little retaining pin on the blade came off. I used to slap the thing open pretty hard. If you do that enough, the portions of the liner that stop blade travel get compressed slightly. Now, the liner lock goes all the way across. There isn't any play yet, but the blade has a very pronounced divergence from being parallel with the handle. Not only are the liners too thin, the steel is way too soft to stand up in the long run. I'm sure Fiskars could replace the liners, but I don't use it anymore.

I'd like to have the $95 I paid for it back. The knife is cool, but it's not worth half what it costs, IMO.

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