Gerber Covert

Oct 27, 1998
Does anyone have one of these? How thick is the blade, I've heard that it's a bit thin. Also the handle length, is it around 5 inches? Pete
I have one....I really like the design, but the action is a bit stiff. The handle is just over 4 1/4" The blade is 1/8", I dont find it to thin. I think Gerber had an idea with the pocket clip, but it needs refinement. The lockout feature on the linear lock is cool, I have a "First Production Run" model, I understand that they have changed the lock in more recent models...

All in all I like the knife alot.


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ShadedDude - yes, the safety has been re-designed. Gerber now places it at the handle's thumb rest. It is even easier to engage it than the first production run models. You can practically open the knife and engage the safety all in one motion. Gerber also tells me that the old-style sliding button ones were more difficult to manufacture than the ones they are doing now.

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I have a first production run Covert, which I love! I bought it cheap; although I had heard much good about the Genesis, the bargain was too good to pass up. Anyway, first I would advise that if you purchase a covert that you get a second production run model - the clip will be on the "correct" side, whereas the original locking mechanism required that the clip be on the opposite side, requiring an extra turn of the knife in the hand in order to position it for opening. I just switched the clip myself, but had to drill holes in the handle & now the clip blocks access to the secondary locking mechanism. Which was not easy to engage, either, as opposed to the new model where it's a snap.
BUT - I still love the knife! The handle feels great in the hand, it opens smoother & faster than any production knife I have ever handled, as in WAY better than any benchmade (apparently not everyone has this experience, tho'?). Lock-up is secure, handle can be used as kubotan, the blade profile is very versatile for fine work (single-edge; the false-edge style has a stronger but less precise tip). Handle 4 7/8", blade 3 13/16" long, 1/8" thick, 7/8" wide, according to my tape measure. If I wanted a production folder that was pure fighter, the Axis looks mighty mighty tasty, but for an all-around tool that works fine as a fighter, by appearances the covert is a better bet. And it feels so good in the hand! Plus I think it looks really cool. See if you can find a "Cheaper than Dirt" catalogue, I think they sell the 2nd production knives for $75.


Which one do you all have the single edge or double? I think I want the double and"cheaper then dirt" only has the single. Looks like I will go to Discountknives they have the double edge for $95, unless somebody knows of a cheaper place.

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Hi Greg - Though I have both models, I prefer the single edge. The single edge version is a flat grind, and I really like flat grinds for their cutting efficiency.

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I like my Coverts (3). If you do some leg work you can find them at a very good price ($68.). The double lock works great and I think this folder is the only knife that has a double lock.



Gentlemen; your posts are well taken. One quality of the knife which you have not addressed, however, is that the first production run, with the scale mounted lock button, is a left handed knife.

Gerber did not intend it as such, but try this: put the Covert folder in your L hand, and any other liner lock in your R hand. Now open and close them. You will see that the actions are near mirror images; this means that the Covert was designed for the L hand.

Still don't believe me? Try the Covert in your R hand. Open it up, and you will find the secondary lock on the bottom side of the knife; you have to turn it over to engage the lock. The knife is then backwards; the sharp side on the R. Also, the knife is in the hand so that the thumb is on the side without the clip, and the fingers are on the clip side. Those of us who like to keep our fingers attached hold the knife in this manner. The sharp side is still on the R, however, so you have to turn it over, placing the thumb on the clip side, and your fingers cannot align themselves along the clip as they should.

Try the same thing in the L hand. Gosh! you open the blade, and the secondary lock is right under your thumb. The fingers are on the clip side, the thumb on the non clip side, and the sharp edge on the right is the correct side for L handed use!

I carry a Covert folder in my L jeans pocket, and find it convenient for weak side use. I have to keep buying the darn things, however, as I keep running across friends who are L handed, and once you hand them a Covert, do NOT expect to get it back!!

Happy Holidays to all you southpaws. Walt
I got my covert yesterday and here is what I think of it. First off it is a "first Production run" I though I was getting the second, but that aside. Here goes, it was stuck closed had to used pliers to open it the first time but after I got it open it worked good and after about 100 open and closeing it works great. The blade was not sharpened very well, on one side the edge bevel looks great(I hope I am not the only that likes looking at the edge bevels of knives)on the other side, well it looks a 5year old just learning to hold something sharpened it. The bevel is not as wide, which means it was held at a steeper to the stone, but that is not the worst part of it, it is not even the same it gets smaller as it gets closer to the handle. Then the first 1/4" is really bad, and the whole side is not as smooth as the other side. Looks like a step was missed. But I can sharpen a knife so this will not keep me from makeing this my everyday knife. But this next thing will and that is the clip it is to short and much much to weak. I work Maintenance at a factory I work on everything I might be working on computers then climbing on or under presses or other stuff. If the knife does not clip tight I will lose it and the clip on this knife is not even close to being tight enough. I like the knife besides the clip but that is enough, I can't use this knife as my everyday knife.

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gregj62 - sorry to hear about the sad state of your new Covert - I have a 1st production & the bevels on each side are identical. Luckily you are able to fix yours yourself. As to the clip, is it just bent too far away from the handle? Can you take it off (the clips are easily removable) and bend it into some more satisfactory position? Mine is so cool, I hate to think of others not enjoying theirs as much. Especially because I think for someone whose hands are likely to get oily, the covert offers one of the more secure grips . . . ALTHOUGH you would want to make sure you consciously checked the indexing of the knife each time you put it down open & then picked it back up, because one can't tell front from back of the handle by feel, aside from the clip location.

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I will try to bend the clip, But I think my clip is normal, if I ware jeans it is tight enough but my work pants are a lot thinner stuff just doesn't grab good enough. But do really like the knife just hate the clip. Hey anybody out make me a clip. I want it longer and stiffer. Anybody got any ideas on where I could find one?

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