Gerber EZ-Out on X-Files??

Oct 5, 1998
So on the X-Files series last night was that a small EZ-Out Mulder was using to dig that finger nail out of the wall?? Thats what it looked like to me. Someone needs to send Mulder a Benchmade or something. Thats a good question. What type of knife should Mulder carry?? You never know when he might have to hack up some aliens.

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Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that. Yep! it looked like the small
EZ-Out to me. I figure he should carry a MT SOCOM DA!!!
It looked like a EZ-Out to me, too. Then I thought it might be a Boye (kind of looked like more of a scallop instead of a cut-out). You're right, probably the Gerber.

What should he carry? MT D/A is a good thought. Here are some other possibles:

-BM AFO (all black, military contract)
-Sebenza (large, all black)
-Spydie Military (black)
-BM AFCK/Ascent (Of course, black)

Any other ideas?

I've seen Mulder pull out the E-Z Out on numerous occasions. What kind of knife should he have? He's a guy on a low salary who uses brains over brawn. He doesn't need a fighter. He needs an Endura 98. Actually, I can't really even fault him his E-Z Out if it's the ATS-34 version!

Almost as interesting, what kind of flashlights have you seen him with? I've seen him with the UKE 2L, and with one of those torch thingies with the big battery packs that cost >$1000. Has anyone seen him with a SureFire? Can't remember if one has ever shown up.

Joe is right, Mulder doesn't have so much need for a fighter; besides, belt/pocket space is probably limited, what with the pistol, spare ammo clips, badge, cell phone, pager, flashlight, handcuffs(?) and such, all necessarily hidden discreetly under his suit jacket.

And the problem with black blades is that they won't show up well on your average TV screen, unless they dwell on a closeup of the knife for a moment before it's brought into play; not a shot you'd normally see during an action scene. Besides, the average viewer likely won't instantly recognize a Black-{T,Ti,T2} coated blade as being a knife (remember, sharp things are shiny, so they can gleam in the moonlight while the bad guy is sneaking around in the house at night).

Remember when he pulled a Kershaw(?) to cut down someone being hanged? -- he opened it with two hands, and the show's producers felt it necessary to have him announce "I have a knife". And then he had to saw through the rope with it (apparently he's been cutting way too much cardboard).

Well, I've been thinking for some time that having Mulder carry a small auto knife (say, a Benchmade 3500) opens up a number of interesting possibilities:

* It seems like a sensible thing for someone in his position to carry: he can, because he's a federal agent, and it would often come in handy, not only for cutting things, but for poking/prodding at stuff around a crime scene, etc. (Not to mention, slicing up fruit, etc.)

* Having it well established that he always carries a particular knife would allow it to be used as a minor device in various plotlines without resorting to "I have a knife" (or "I'm going to go get something sharp and come back"
) kind of announcements. (No one gives it a second thought when he pulls out his cellphone; everyone knows he carries it, and he doesn't have to keep saying "this is a cellphone", or "I'll just use my handy cellphone").

* It strikes me as something that fits his personality. The show has a bit of an interest in gadgets, Mulder doesn't seem to have much of a herd mentality for following along with conventional public opinion
, and he has a penchant for fidgeting with his hands (tossing pencils into the ceiling, bouncing basketballs against the wall, etc. -- he could demonstrate to the public that sitting around flicking a knife repeatedly is not a hostile act, but rather one that rewards the senses and psyche with a nice click).

* Despite his oddities, he's a fairly level-headed good guy, and it would be good to see such a positive role model carrying and using a knife, particularly for mundane, utilitarian purposes.

* It could be a good intro for many people to the idea that knives are cool, rather than scary. Just think, if a whole bunch of TV viewers starting thinking, "Hey, that button operated knife is neat and useful, and ... and I want one" -- and then they found out that their elected representatives had decreed that they should not have them...

They could spend a minute introducing it at some point (e.g. Scully walks in on Mulder flicking it open, asks what he's got that for, Mulder says another agent turned him on to it, and it's useful for opening things, Scully says she thinks that's weird... later on in the show she struggles with some adult-proof plastic food package, and he does a standard "draw/open/cut/close/put-away", and grins at her). After that, they can just use it whenever the need to cut something comes up, as if it were the most natural thing in the world...

Anyways, the idea of Mulder with a 3500 has been rattling around the back of my brain ever since the good ol' Mark McWillis / Benchmade Forum days
, and I'm glad for the opportunity to finally vent it...

Consider that a Mirage-X Micro would most likely be impervious to toxic blood and alien slime. Two scenarios come to mind:

1. Mulder and Scully find a weird spot of "goo" on a concrete floor. Mulder reaches down with his Micro and scoops up a sample for a glass specimen tube Scully's holding. Viola.
2. Mulder and Scully find a weird spot of "goo" on a concrete floor. Mulder reaches down with a normal (stainless) steel blade and scoops up a sample for a glass specimen tube Scully's holding, but this time the blade starts smoking and/or melting away.
Either way could prove for some interesting little plot or character developments.
Still, I think the Nemesis is the best choice for Mulder. The mirror polished one is extremely reflective for the camera, the blade is cool and versatile for his investigations, and once you scoop up some alien goo, you can retract the knife and the handle automatically becomes the container for those goos. What a perfect setup!

(just watch poor Mulder clean his knife afterward...)


mulder needs a BM 3000. it looks nice and it would be good for the good guy to have an automatic knife instead of a "switchblade" in the bad guys hand
I agree that an auto would be a good choice to show that auto knives aren't evil. Plus a smaller more practical size would be better too. Personally I think a BM Mini-Reflex or MT LUDT would be good choices.

Joe is right though, Mulder is a man on a limited income. I think I can see him using a Delica 98 though. Nonserrated, of course.

I caught the UK light too, Joe. And I am pretty sure I have seen him use a Mag-Lite (it had a dramatic "fall to the floor and roll away"). Hard to tell 'cuz they're usually shining them toward the camera. The UK is easy to spot with the clear head though.

They both need PhotonII's, IMHO. Scully, as a doctor, would need a white one to check pupil dilation. Mulder should probably have a turquoise one for general brightness. They could also use them to signal each other.

I know they have IR Photons, but if they had UV ones, that would be cool. Mulder and Scully could each use one of them.

There seems to be a bit of a problem getting the diode junction to put out light at the ultra violete frequencies. Also, UV light is bad for the eyes, real bad.