Gerber "Gators"

Sep 24, 2000
I am looking for a good, inexpensive carry/working lockback folder and saw this line in a catalog. The one called the "Stud Gator" looks pretty good. I have a large hand and want something with a hefty, non-slip grip. Any comments on this blade? Or suggestions on something in the same (under $50) price range? Thanks for any help.
I have both, a Gator, plain edge and a Gatormate also plain edge, in ATS-34.
I use them often and like especially the grip.

The Gators are really nice, the best designed and made handles I've come across so far on a laockblade knife. Lightweight, with a super comfortable grip, and easy to resharpen. I've got one of the old ATS-34 drop point Gators, and its quite easy to open one handed even without a thumbstud. Pinch the blade and jerk your wrist a little and the handle swings open.

You might want to look into the Buck Goliath lockback. It's got a wide clip point blade with a meaty Zytel-like handle. Not sure of the retail on that but it should be close if not just a bit over the $50 range.

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I just gave away one of the Gators in ATS-34 in the for sale forum...only charge was shipping of $3.55 .

Overall it was a great knife, but since it didn't have a pocket clip I never used it, and couldn't seem to sell the dang thing.

Beware the impulse buy, as it never seems to be for the best.....

For a reasonably priced lock-back, check out Spyderco's lightwight line. There's sure to be something that will meet your needs.

I have an ATS-34 part serrated 1st prod run model. The blade is razor sharp, and very comfortable. Mine does not have the stud. If I were to need a good camping knife, this would be right up there with the best of them. The 1st prod run status makes me think twice however. One day it just might be worth a little money!


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I bought a plain edge Gator with clip point blade. It is VERY comfortable and easy to open and close with one hand with its intermediate stop mechanism. Great control due to oval crossection, Kraton cover and deep index finger groove. VERY light compared to Buck 110 (with finger grooves) that I also like. Sturdy broad blade with plenty of belly for cutting. Call me crazy but I like its shape so mutch that I would like to see similar knives (folders and fixed) made from more upscale materials.
I think it is a good working knife for the money and would prefer over the Zytel handle Spyderco Endura that I found ugly and made with less solid handle. Now, the all-metal Endura with its brushed stainless scales/liners is –in my humble opinion- a different appearance and a strong contender of the Gator. However, I still dislike the triangular shape of the Spyderco blades. On the other hand, Spydies have usually very nice finish and pocket clip.
Gator could handle a better finish and a lanyard hole.
Last, Enduras are sleeker and quicker to deploy from the pocket than the Gators from their pouch.
Still overall comfort –in my opinion- goes to the Gator.
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