Gerber Harsey Air Ranger comments?

Aug 15, 2000
Any comments from owners of this knife? Also, does the blade hit the back spacer when closed like the Spectres and Airframes?

Andrew L
It's a decent little knife. The blade did not touch the backspacer as there is no backspacer to touch (just standoffs and the blade doesn't touch these either). If I were to make the purchase again, I'd get a Camillus EDC instead though. The EDC is a better value.

I have hade two of the air rangers. It is a super knife for the money IMHO! The second generation models coming out are even nicer! There is no contact with the spacers and is is very tight. I have also had the EDC and think it is a great knife but a good bit higher priced. You can get the gerber for @ $35 here and the EDC normally runs considerably higher. Both are good knives though!
Many thanks for the helpful comments. Actually I am planning to order a 154CM EDC but wanted one or two other knives to make it worth the $hipping I have to pay to get the order over here.

Andrew L