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Gerber Mark II questions

Jul 20, 2000
Just wanted to know if anyone has had past experiences with this knife.Also what kind of steel is the blade made of and is it difficult to sharpen? I got a friend who can pick one up at around $50, just wondering if its worth getting.He said it was in mint condition and that they discontinued making them.Any info would be appreciated.
Big John
The Mk II is a classic military style dagger. Contrary to advertising it's not a survival knife - it's a thrusting style fighting knife. Older versions were made with 440c, newer with 440a steel. The edge is adequate for the task. For $50-80 or so it's a good buy.
www.gerberknives.com This guy knows lots of stuff about Gerber products. Site has info on production numbers, materials, etc. Never tried e-mailing him, but maybe he could help you with the value. You could also try asking Bernard Levine at his forum here. Hope this helps.