Gerber Mk. II

Nov 2, 1999
The Mk II has been around in one form or another since the good ol' days of Vietnam.
Anyone have any input on it ?

I got one and really like the feeling of that knife, especially the heavy handle. As far as I know, the MKII has been discontinued by Gerber, so if you want one, get it as long as they are still available.
I had a Gerber MkII for quite a while but did not have much use for it. It is designed to be a weapon. The handle is secure and comfortable. The aluminum handle is textured which helps to prevent slipping. The blade is a bit over 7" long. The MkII did slash up clothing O.K. and thrusted into meat really well. I never found anything that the saw/serrations on the blade cut well.

I bought the MKII out of interest and do not really miss it.

I like many of the features of the knife, but I don't really like the blade design. I would make the blade out of BG42 and make it about 1.25-1.5" wide. When I got mine back in 1968 I needed to roughen the edge to get it to slash half-way decently.