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gerber pauls

My Gerber Paul II is a little stiff in the action, and is extremely susceptible to lock failure due to almost microscopic foreign body obstruction in the pivot.

Other than that it is a nice little knife. Well made, very tight tolerances.

There have been several threads about the Paul, From these I know that my knife has a stiffer action the some of them.

Try a search in this forum and/or one or more of the archives. You should find a fair amount of information.

Great little knife, one of my favorites, a bit finicky anything will make it stiffen up. I sent mine back to AG Russell once to free it up a bit, not a knife for EDC.

"Will work 4 Knives!"
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Agreed on its not being a great EDC folder. The used ones I've handled had front-to-back as well as lateral blade play, though the lock seemed pretty solid. They're great collectibles though!

My Gerber Paul 2 is also a little stiff, but it seems to be loosening up with use. Since it's a First Production Run so it doesn't get "used," just openned and closed occationally. And for that same reason I'm also hesitant to have anyone try to loosen it.

-Bob W