Gerber Ti Airframes - Final thoughts

Dec 2, 1999
This is the Ti handled knife Gerber tried to produce but couldn't quite about a year ago.

So what's the verdict from those that have one?

Is it an EDC?
Disappear to the back of your knife drawer?
Loaned to a neighbor?
Dave the ones I have seen are decent knives but feel bulky in the hand to me, I think I would spend the money on a good BM before buying one myself, they are bit pricey for a Gerber.
I have one also. It is a large, rather bulky knife, but several people that have seen mine have wanted one. I will sell them mine but the response is always the same "that MUCH for a Gerber?" It's not that I think it's a "bad" knife, it's just not "my style". When I bought it (maybe a year and a half ago) I was just gettig into collecting knives and the idea of a "limited production" was all I needed and I pre-ordered one. Oh well, live and learn.
I have one and my liking for it seems to increase through time.

While others describe this knife as "bulky," I beg to differ--I think it is rare to find a folder that has a palm swell, metal (ti) handle. (Slip-joints don't count here). Needless to say, this knife will give the user a very nice and secure hold while in use. The knife carries fairly comfortable in my right rear pocket and deploys nicely with the integrated clip in a tip-down configuration.

The blade is of a straight-forward, no-nonsense design. I don't care much for the "forward cant" concept in a utility/camp folder and this knife does not disappoint. The 154CM ain't too shabby either.

I would place this knife in my EDC rotation except for the reasons that (1) it is pretty similar to my large Classic Sebenza and (2) it is a "First (and Only) Production Run" version. Actually, have the "machined" Ti version and would prefer the "cast" Ti version (with Harsey's name cast into the handle) for a collection piece.

If the price is right (might be heavily discounted by now), I would rate this knife as: "Recommended" as a collector and/or user.