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Gerber Yari!

Dec 14, 2000
Just spent all of my cash and got a gerber yari. It has a way better feel than the nimravus IMHO. However, I thought the blade was gonna be ats-34. To my surprise the words "154cm" is stamped on steel right next to the lanyard hole.
After spending most of last night drawing, admiring and resheathing the blade the coating has started to come off. Not much but if you look look at it at just the right angle... Well, The good news is that the coating is really thin at the same time appears more resistant than benchmade's. If it gets really ugly looking further down the line there won't be as much sanding to do.


It hurts to be on the cutting edge.
Well, considering the Yari is a fairly recently created model, you should probably be glad it is 154-CM. 154-CM was first, and was bettered by its cleaner/purer Japanese form, ATS-34. Then, just recently, a new 154-CM was made, and it is cleaner/purer than its ATS-34 cousin. So basically, 154-CM is now a better steel than ATS-34.

Looks like a nice knife!

How much did it cost?

How well do you think this knive would serve as a "neck knife"? Is it too big/heavy?


At ~10 inches with sheath (~9 1/2 w/o), it would take someone exceptionally tall to carry this knife comfortably in a neck sheath. With regards to weight, I wouldn't want to use ball chain but, with a thick para-cord or thin strap it shouldn't cut into your neck too bad.

The Camillus CQB-2 at ~7 1/2 inches is a bit much for me in a neck sheath.

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Using it as a neck knife - no. The micarta scales are thick. It would print a little too much. It might be possible if you took the scales off and had a kydex sheath made for it. But then again like Sid said there is the length problem. BTW i think the screws are held in with a little locktite b/c i couldn't budge them out yet.

It hurts to be on the cutting edge.