Gerstner Machinists Tool Chest

Oct 2, 1998
Hi Folks,

I'm interested in a Gerstner Machinists Tool Chest. I think it would be a great way to store my ever-expanding collection.

The Russell's For Men catalog shows the Pro-Series-I tool Chest for $980, but I'm sure I can do much better.

This chest looks fabulous. All oak construction lined draws, deep storage area on top. Very tasty.

Sears shows a Craftsman model with six draws for $299, but doesn't say who makes it. It doesn't look too big either.

Does anyone have a Gerstner, or know where I can get one for a good price?


Dec 31, 1998
Lucky Dog,
While I was in California back in March, I saw the Gerstner chests at Costco (a wholesale place in Monterey/Sand City). They were selling them for a lot less than you would think (and yes, they were real Gerstner chests) Reason I'm bringing this up, if I didn't have to return back here to Saudi, I would have bought the chest right then and there. Outside of AG Russell, I don't know any other carriers. I'll check the catalogs I do have for as much info as I can find.