Get a Load of These!

Jun 19, 1999
Well, in my futile search for another knife, I came across a few makers registered with the Canadian Knife Maker's Guild. The knives all looked decent, but these really caught my eye. They're by a maker named Brian Tighe, and you can see them here:

They have a 3 1/2 inch ATS-34 blade with a flat grind. Titanium liners and bolsters and a stainless steel pocket clip, an ambidexterous thumb stud, and black carbon fiber handles. These sure are gorgeous! For around $450 U.S. they look great. If you check them out, let me know what you think!


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Gator, brian has been around for some time now and i've found his work absolutely brilliant. I actually had a hard time deciding which knife to purchase, the phantom by allen elishewitz and brian's pinnacle. I choose Allen in the end because of personal preferrence on the design but if i had the money, i would have go for the pinnacle as well. There's another maker from canada which i would recommend looking into is greg lightfoot. I find his knife designs to be interesting too. All the maker mentioned above makes superb tactical folders. I'll be getting mine end of this year and i hope to take some photos too. Look out for my mail. Till then.

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