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Getting a GW


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Dec 20, 2004
I just discovered the GW, and I want one. I don't see any available at the company store now. Do they come back into stock often, or does one need to pre-order, or what? Thanks.
Many times you'll see a post from Idahoskunk. New pictures of
GW. Dont know if there are more or not though. Stay tuned!!
Every new Busse fan wants a GW , Their about as hard to catch as a well greased pig !!!!
Well this little piggy has got the GW's he wanted. a skelly, 2 orange and a yellow. Unless they offer some uber cool color I will be sitting out the gw frenzy. By uber cool I mean these fancy colored G-10 handles. These new handles look sharp! So that will be one less F5er to contend with. Good luck to those trying to score there first warden!
Any of these colors would look niceon a GW:
Muddy Wardens are at the store right now. Just keep refreshing the page.....
Mike if you email or PM me I can give you more info.You are not set up to get emails or PM from me.
Like I said jus' keep watching the threads and the store and sooner (than obviously) later they seem to mysticaly appear. Also good tip (shhhhh) watch the store to go offline, for updating inventory. This will also require lots of booze preferably single malt scotch, and unlimited time and patience:D :D You never know when the wereskunk will strike. Good Luck!!
Woah, at first I was dubious, but now I think I like this system. I seem to have scored a couple perfect pieces tonight. Suh-weeet!! Thanks for the tips, all.