Getting It -- Ch 2

Feb 21, 2001
Well folks, I'm not quite sure I'd use the phrase full circle, but obviously something has changed in terms of my feelings towards my Sebenza.

It is very embarrasing, but if you want to read about what I just went thru, you can read the thread on the General Forum by Kutch133. My last post brings it all up to date. Suffice it to say here, I agreed to trade my Sebbie for 3 knives yesterday morning, but before the other guy responded, I managed to get off another e-mail saying "wait a minute." I promised to get back to him in 3 hours after that time.

What happened after I sent the e-mail saying I'd take the trade was sort of the opposite of the worst buyer's remorse I've ever had. When I started thinking of the Sebenza as gone, it began to bother me something fierce. If any recall my first post about it, I said I liked it, but just didn't understand what all the excitement was about.

After my first post, I put the Sebbie in a nylon belt pouch. This stopped the scratching on the clip, and freed up my pocket for the 2 knives I really wanted to carry also -- on my strong side -- the Spyderco Wegner and the CRKT large Apache. Also, I e-mailed Ann Reeve in response to her post about the wrench. I sent her my address, and in just a few days had my own Allen wrench. Simply amazed me.

I still have yet to really use the Sebenza. That is largely because due to my sedentary lifestyle, I don't use any of my knives very much. And with two large knives on me, was able to go with my Spyderco Native, which I love, in my left pocket, and thus have a knife handier for small chores.

Anyhow, the point of all this is that I couldn't bear to let my Sebenza go. So what if I was winning dollar-wise? It just wasn't worth it to me. Not enough to give up my Sebenza.

So, I guess I'm fully in "the club." I admit I love my Sebenza. I can see the quality differences between it and my other knives. I know it won't completely stop my purchasing other knives. In fact have purchased 3 since then. I think I posted about 1 I really like, the litte Paragee by Outdoor Edge.

No more criticism from this corner. Oh, by the bye, I have started holding the Sebenza differently, and find it far more comfortable. I still love the velvety feel of the handles. Still can't understand how you get metal to feel like that.

All that's left to do is get a good pouch or G2 sheath. :) :)
I knew you'd come to see the light. Since I got my small Sebbie, I just can't see my other knives in the same way anymore. Saving for a small classic or Umfaan next. After them, another small standard. Then...OH NO!...what have I done?

Like CUTIGER 3 said, wait until you start using it.

These are tools, not idols. Let some scratches get on the clip and allow the Ti slabs to develop their character. Once you get that relationship going with your Seb where it is clear that you are a respectful user and it is a precision tool things will be as they should, This is just the beginning. :)