getting the gunk off of a 9" disc

Dec 3, 1999
What's the best way of doing this?

I spray mine down with WD-40, and scrape all the crud off, then wipe it down with Acetone. But it takes forever and still doesn't get that clean.

I'm thinking there must be some whiz-bang stuff that I can just spray on the disc and watch in amazement as all the crud melts off...isn't there ???

On my verticle disk I apply a coat of wax before using adhesive -- the wax acts as a release agent when your ready to change paper. On my horizontal disk, I glue an adhesive backed disk WITH THE RELEASE PAPER STILL ATTACHED to the disk. The next sanding disk then is attached to the release paper which is now glued to the metal. It's late -- hope this make sense....!

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I use spray carberator cleaner. Spray on a good coat and let it sit for a couple minutes then take a sharp scraper and most of the glue comes right off. Then spray a little more and wipe it off with a rag.

Take care!! Michael

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Hmmm. I use Goo Gone for about everything like this. Sometimes it has to soak for a bit, and takes a little reapplication for thick gunk, but I'm a believer. Smells good too, orange base!

What adhesive do you use? I don't yet have a disk and have been wondering about this, 'cause I'm saving up my knife sale money to buy one next.


What you need to do is switch over to a velcro disc and then use velcro backed sanding disks..

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Riiiiiip..Slap on a new one...

Wanna change back?
Riiiip! You are all set..



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I use Laquer thinner on a paper towel,just rubs right off.Works faster than acetone.Wear a respirator for sure.

I do think velcro or the pre-made psa discs would be nice, but I have always liked using 3M feathering adhesive because that way I can just slap on a 9X11 sheet in any grit and away I go.

It's a LOT cheaper than buying pre-cut discs. If the pre-cut would last longer, that would be one thing, but the ones I used before didn't last any longer at all.

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I tried WD-40, and acetone, and neither one worked very well for me.

I'll give all the ideas a try, thanks!

Im with nick on this your disc is FLAT...I put my sandpaper right onto my lathe turned metal disk with the 3m stuff.. btw....I use a BUCKET Of acetone with a rag and really get it wet to get the crap off. another bonus......9x11 sheets are a LOT cheaper than those sticky ones or the velcro ones.

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Why spend 15 minutes breathing in acetone fumes and scraping off glue boogers to save $1.37 on a PSA disc? (Anyways, acetone is dangerous stuff!)

I can change PSA discs in 10 seconds without the messy clean-up! You just need to get a brand that has good adhesive.

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Miniral spirits will take it off to.
If its not aluminum, get a paint scraper after soaking , turn it on med speed and just scrap it off.
Tom psa and ao disks are good and ok. The white paper that I use are not available in disks. I find it cuts much better.

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Varsal or paint thinner seems to work best for this. Scrub it on with a paint brush, scraop with a putty knife, finish clean up with acetone . Frank