Getting the Knife in the Door

Walker: Your right. The 12 step program might work. Tell her you must buy 12 more knives, before the cure will be effective. "Honey, it is a 12 step program, I need to taper off, 12 more knives, thoughtful purchases, and the compulsion will be gone. I am just following the program...." Each purchase diminishes the compulsion. OUTSTANDING.
The Ultimate: it can only be used once per wife. Save it for knives made from "Unobtanium," the theoretically perfect material, or something you know you will keep forever. This approach is purely theoretical, as I haven't found a place where I can safely test it.

"My darling, I bought it because it reminds me of you, in your slim perfection." This will definitely get it in the door, but the method holds double-edged risks. You now have committed to a life-long relationship to one knife, and Heaven help you if you lose it, break it, or, worst of all, lose interest in it. Also, you may never attempt to change it, or move the pedestal on which you display it.
Oh wow- I thought I was alone in the pursuit of the perfect method of deception- I usually order things from catalogs or the 'net- (eBay nearly killed me!) & have 'em shipped to my office- I got some strange looks from co-workers & respect from the troops from the mailroom- (some of whom would hang around my desk while I opened my new toy) It's hard to explain to some of the more p.c. buttoned-down types why one needs a Bowie or a neck knife- The newbies go into the briefcase for a couple of days & then into the "Knife Boxes" (where they can be brought out into circulation after a while) when the Girlfriend isn't around- She's really good about having knife magazines all over the place & generally doesn't mind the knives- except when she "accidentally" looks at my Visa statement-
Helpful Hint- use Money Orders & keep the receipts at work. Here's to domestic bliss for all of the collectors & accumulators out there- keep the info flowing
You had to let it out didn't you!
THE ULTIMATE. I don't know if these younger guys are really ready for that one.

Yes, it's true the ICON or IDOL can be used, but as Walker said - only once.

The real problem here is the young bucks want to use it on every girlfriend that comes along. Please guys save it for the real serious commitment situation.
Well Guys, It is easier to beg for forgiveness, than to ask for permission!!
...Then there is always the I traded my afck for the Sebenza.. they will never know..
" Yea Rite" After you have 25 knives my wife has lost track. Boy we better hope they don't visit BLADEFORUMS, we'll all be in the doghouse sharpening our tools!!
Listen Up youngsters
Deception is a dangerous poison.
I used to buy more guns than knives and for a while I used the "but I NEED a new gun for _____ hunting/shooting". After awhile I had enough to cover every conceivable shooting sport and began to lose the attempts to justify new purchases.
Then it hit me: I didn't NEED that next gun. I WANTED that next gun. NEED had nothing to do with it.
I pointed out she didn't need 48 pairs of shoes in her closet- one brown pair would do.
Now she doesn't question it when I order two custom knives in three days. Of course I've also sold a few of those guns to avoid a cash crunch at knife time.
A good relationship and enough time together and they'll give you a lot of slack, but don't trick them with deception.
I think an important part of the deal is that you can NEVER gripe about how much money SHE spends on the things that she likes. If she gives you the latitude to buy what you want, then you must do the same for her.
There is a problem with trying to get your wife interested in the things you like. For instance, everytime I get a new bow, SHE wants a new bow. Since she's the State Champion in our house, there's no way for me to refuse. Thus did the price of my hobby double! I'm lucky that she hasn't developed the same attitude about guns and knives. I'd have to go out and get another job!

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

Bartman made me think about the forgiveness angle. You know if she has a big heart, this one can go on almost indefinitely.

Listen up here you single guys. This is a good test for your girlfriend/significant other. If you find one with a lot of forgiveness, you`ve found a real gem. This might be one of the best gauges you can find for that soon to be mrs. When it gets serious give her the forgiveness test - go ahead and buy that expensive custom instead of _______ and see what her reaction is. Just make sure the _________ isn't the engagement ring!
be first to the mailbox,make sure you pay all the credit cards off when they come,Oh I got it for Chuck [always works]