Getting to your knife in a sleeping bag

Daniel L

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Nov 2, 1998
I like to hike alone and it's relatively safe to do so here in New Zealand. I tend to sleep in a bivy bag (a large waterproof bag that goes over the sleeping bag).

I used to clip my Endura to my shorts and leave my Recon Scout outside the sleeping bag (but inside the bivy bag).

But I just realised that the best solution for me is to take my new Spyderco Moran with the kydex neck sheath I made and just wear it around my neck to sleep. That way I can access it quickly (faster than trying to open a folder in a sleeping bag!) and at least thrust any potential bipedal attackers.

This is assuming they don't just bang my noggin while I'm sleeping.....


Daniel, your post reminds me of a story my Scoutmaster used to tell. He was serving in Vietnam and a buddy of his went to bed and got his clothing caught in the zipper of his sleeping bag. It was dark and the guy was tired, so he went to sleep thinking he would fix the stuck zipper in the morning. In the middle of the night all hell broke loose when a tiger came along and dragged the guy away through a mine field in his sleeping bag.

(I don't know; to me it sounds kind of like one of my grandpa's hobo stories.)

David Rock
When I'm hiking, at night I keep a clipped folder attached to my underdrawers. Should anything happen that requires expedient need for a knife, I would cut myself out of the bag since there's no way in hell I'd get out of all that stuff legitimately in time. It'd be sacrificing a sleeping bag, but sometimes in this world you do what you gotta do.

Soldiers often attach a pistol to their wrist by a lanyard and take it into the sleeping bag with them. Some can use a short lanyard; others find they keep clonking themselves in the head with the pistol unless they use a long lanyard. Even a very long lanyard is better than feeling around trying to find a loose gun in a sleeping bag.

I sleep comfortably with a knife strapped to my forearm but neck sheaths and ankle sheaths bother me. That might just be what I'm used to -- YMMV.

-Cougar Allen :{)
Knife in waist band and fixed blade under pillow for quicker deployment.
I always have a staff handy too, as a last resort.

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!

I have a foam pillow that is a folded peice of foam, my Glock .40 fits in there and my Endura (now Military) was clipped to my skivvies. Happy camping!