Ghetto Grinds!

The Amazing Virginian

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Feb 24, 2010
I love Nathan's "these are crap and you don't want this" marketing schtick.
Nathan would have made a fine . . . attorney {ducks}. Or politican {runs and hides}.

A good attorney always gets all the bad news out right up front in direct examination . . . even if it isn't really bad. One of the few practical things I learned in law school. A smart politician will do the same during a campaign. When you do this, you're basically disarming any complaints. And it's always good business in the long term to undersell and over-deliver.

I do the same when I sell things on eBay. I've had more than one person message me to commend me for my honesty when they read one of my listings. I like to think I'm honest, but **to be honest** I do it more just to eliminate complainers. As a result, I have never had a returned item (which is an unprofitable hassle) in 18 years, and I have a 100 percent seller rating.

Seems so much common sense . . . but seems so few practice it. One of the many things I ❤️ about Nathan.


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Oct 2, 1998
"Good attorneys" there's an oxymoron.

Just kidding. I've met a few good ones that were worthy adversaries in court and whom, had I the need, I would have trusted to provide effective counsel. Well, maybe not a few. Two, for certain. One of whom did a hell of a job trying a case in absentia, and despite his losing, I admired the hell out of his effort. When you need one, you need a good one.

Like you, I have a 100% record...

...against defense attorneys. 🥳


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Dec 5, 2005
Nate what the hell is a ghetto grind. Idiot.

I'm glad you asked!





We used the Basic 5" Field knife as a mule for both heat treat development in Magnacut and Cruwear and also some manufacturing process refinements. Like most experimentation that I do, it's largely a huge waste of time and resources. However, in this case rather than sink the prototypes in the creek we're going to grind the ugly off and sell them! With a really clean (Mark is a robot) 120 grit grind. An inexpensive "ghetto" satin.

We're known for a very nice hand satin grind. This isn't that. But if you're wanting a BFK and don't want the durable attractive highly functional tumbled finish and instead want to pay $20 extra to get a 120 grit hand ground (with genuine monkey meat interpolation) blade that will show sheath scratches real bad, you now have that option! They're a little thinner too. Because, you know, we ground them.

Also, I legitimately screwed up and put some sheets of linen micarta into the batch of canvas micarta (they got mixed up during the move and I didn't notice) so I figure I'll make those an option with these ground BFKs if you want it. There's not many so it will be first-come-first-serve.

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I love it when you talk dirty

David Lennon

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Nov 26, 2017
Love that your willing to try out these other steels. The easy thing would be to do nothing more and sit back, as I imagine it takes plenty of time and money to try and optimise them but this is what I love about the Carothers brand.
Both steels interest me but especially Magnacut for a stainless option and if they work out i'll be in for some. Watching patiently to see what you think of them.🤞