Ghost Rider Pocket Clip?

Apr 20, 2001
Anyone know if the pocket clip on the Buck Ghost Rider is revesible for southpaws? I can't find a single website that says either way and the pictures of the dark urban camo make it hard to tell.

Normally, Buck's "economy" tacticals are not reversible, but jsut wanted to hear for sure.

Me personally, I wouldnt buy one but thats just me and my 1/2 cent :D
There was nothing wrong with the fit/finish of mine, but the blade is stubby with the serration (to me) and the handle was super uncomfortable.
It is also imported if that matters to you or not? Sorry for all my interjection I know this wasn't asked :D
If and when you buy one let us know what you think please!!

THANKS, those pic's are better than most I've seen. It doesn't look like it is reversible. I keep looking to see of they made a plain edge version, I am not big on serrated blades. So far haven't seen a PE one.
Thanks, I wish Buck would go the extra little step to tap and thread some of these economy knives for southpaws. I know it would up the price a little, but not that much.