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May 16, 2000
I may have been a bit harsh in my post on trading on the ranger name.
With the help of some single malt scotch, I am feeling more expansive.

I was given a Blue Angles T shirt and an AF Red Flag which I wear at Oshkosh and other air events.

I was in the Army. Rarely I am asked about the insignia that I did not earn. Nobody knows about red flag. The insignia is not self explanatory.

I seldom wear the stuff that I did earn.

Since Klinton/Reno, I don`t wear Fed stuff either. That is just asking for it. Hopefully they can get their rep. back.

Police T shirts may not be a good idea now.

I refurbished my Dad`s WW11 CBI Naval Aviator flight jacket and wore it to town today.

Someone asked if I was AF. They don`t know an A1 from a G3.

It happens if you run into a vet. They are rare now.

The CIB is the highest award.

Glenlivet 12, 18, or 21 year old? Mmmmm....
Single Malt Scotch.


"Lead, follow, or get out of the way"
Glenfidich;I forgot the good cigar. A Hoyo de Monteray Rothchild. 50 RG.
We used to get some good flip cigars in Viet Nam. I haven`t seen them since.
That improves my mood as well.
An INF. COL. in a bad mood is not a pretty sight. Especially if there are ladies present.
Good cigar! if you like the Hoyos, try a Mayorga Robusto in maduro wrapper. That and a glass of Knob Creek bourbon(can't stand scotch
Ashton VSG or Opus X...it all stops there!

Although, the new Indian Tabac Maduro's are verrrrrry smooth and tasty!

Andy Prisco,
Co-Founder, Manager
American Tomahawk Company
We are lucky enough to have three humidors.
Ashton is kind of "creamy". Opus is OK.
We have some old flip cigars that are very mild.
Gosh, We have a dozen brands' at least.
We do not smoke much.
We are partial to Hoya de Monteray, Partagas, Punch and La Gloria Cubana. They are more robust than most.
The Partagas 150`s are worth an absurd amount of money now. Also the Davidoff`s.
We have two Cuban Davidoff`s left.
We bought them to smoke and give away.
What does this have to do with tomahawks; everything!

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Maker's Mark cigars are pretty good and not too expensive w/ Bushmill's 16 year old or
Murphy's Irish Stout.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Warrior 11:
What does this have to do with tomahawks; everything!

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I think a well made `hawk is a perfectly acceptable cigar cutter, n'est-ce pas?

Don LeHue

"You want what? On the friggen' ceiling?!" - Michaelangelo Buonarroti