Giant Kumar Karda Arrives!

Jun 2, 2006
I'm stoked!:D

Here's the handle:

This a very well balanced, wonderful big knife. A thing of beauty and energy. I fully believe that its Presence is responsible for the one point difference in this evening's NFC Wildcard game.
These pix were straight out the box upon its arrival late this afternoon.
I am very pleased, thanks so very much Yangdu.:thumbup: :thumbup:
"you call that a karda?.... this is a karda!" LMAO
sweet piece of steel there... thanks for sharing :cool: :thumbup:
Great news, thank you
Thanks .22. Now that I've figured out photobucket all by my bitty self, I might start posting some more snaps. I've bought some mind bending stuff from Yangdu since I discovered HI last summer. However, this piece is really superb. The handle is beautiful and it grips like a Pachymar. No rough edges, good deep grooves. Between that and this crazy fine blade shape, weight, and length ratios, this is one of the best balanced martial blades, I've ever seen. Sher is world class.
For less than $100, handmade and blessed by spiritual people at the roof of the world. Wow:)
A very cool thing to have. :thumbup: Hope they keep making them.

Wonder how the kamis think these things up?

Bura: "Sher, I had the strangest dream last night."

Sher: "What, again? Was it from too much tea after dinner?"

Bura: "No... The Magic Dust made me small- and the karda I was working on became as if twice the size..."

Mike :p

The Magic Dust, of course, is mentioned in a recent holiday song...
please post an "in the hand" pic if you can....:eek: