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Gigand - fixed blades ?


Jan 31, 1999
People have recommended the Gigand folders, how about the neck knives (Guardian & Mosquito) ? How would they compare to CRKT's neck knives ?

I have a Guardian clip point. Compared to CRKT, it has an AUS-8 blade, not AUS-6 like the KISS neck knives. The shape, grind (chisel) and size are not very good for general utility. It really seems best suited for defensive use. The magnetic sheath does not offer perfect retention when the blade is damp or slick (i.e. from sweat or oil) and I find that the knife works its way out if I'm very active and bouncing around. Also, it doesn't have a full tang. But, for about $18, it's not too bad. On a scale from 1-10, I'd give it a "6.9".