Gigand Folder Review Request

Jun 19, 1999
Would like to hear you opinions on the Gigand line of folders. I am particularly interested in the Shockwave and the Spectrum.

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Overall they are not bad at all, Very well made. The main problem Ive seen is that the pivot screws will not stay put. I put a small amount of blue lock tite on the threads and it seemed to fix it.

The only other thing I dont care for is that there is too much writing on the blade...Its on both sides! I just dont like things like that on my knives.

They are very light weight, I gave mine to the girlfriend, she seems to like it.

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Aflatfoot: I have a Gigand Titan (the one with the colored handle). Not as rugged (seeming) as a CRKT M-16Z (around the same price) but a nice knife, a little dressier. Good edge and well made. Also, I thought the " stinkin' badges" line originally came from "The Professionals" with Lee Marvin. No?

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I recently bought one of the Summits with the plain edge. I think it might be an older design.

The handle fits my hand well and there is no interference with the liner lock. It's a solid liner lock. The lock on mine goes 1/4 of the way over to lock. The blade opens snd closes very smoothly. If I hold it just right, I can get the "Gigand Twang" when the blade locks. It doesn't appear, or feel, like there is any detent to keep the blade closed. But it works well. I have not noticed any loosening of the tension adjusters, but did get the little adjusting tool with the knife.

The drop point blade is hollow ground from fairly thick stock and ends in an extremely sharp point. There are no ridges on the 3/32 inch wide back of the blade, but I still get a good thumb purchase. It has a nicely brushed finish. Yes, there is Fred's signature on the blade. A lot of people don't like that, but it doesn't bother me. The bevels are perfectly even to my eye. With this blade, the hairs aren't exactly shaved off my arm. It's more like they jump off in fear. This is the sharpest knife out of the box that I have owned.

The aluminum handles are well made and finished. Mine has the blue insert, which is a near black navy blue. Naturally, aluminum is heavier than titanium or Zytel. The pocket clip appears to be S/S. It is nicely made, very shiny, and a little too slick for my taste. Only one position for the clip is provided for. It lets the knife ride pretty deep in the pocket. I removed the clip. This knife rides perfectly straight across the bottom of the back pocket of my jeans. The Summit is one of the shortest of the Gigand knives.

Improvements? I would have put a brushed finish on the inside of the clip, maybe the entire clip. And my thumb would prefer knurling on the top of the thum stud, or one slightly longer. This stud can be switched over to the other side for lefties, by the way.

I am quite happy with the Summit, even more so at the price from Mike Turber during his sale. Thanks again, Mike. Yes, I will definitely buy more Gigand knives.

My first attempt at a review. Hope this helps.

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