Gigand folers?

Feb 8, 1999
I was just browsing around on and ran across the Gigand folders they had. The folders look kind of interesting, but because they were so cheap and I have never heard of them I am wondering if they are any good. Does anyone have any info/experience with these knives?
Sure do. They are damn good for the $. I bought my girlfriend 2, the blue Spectrum, and the Stallion. They are made well, and quality is excellent. However, the downfall is the AUS8A. They do however, offer ATS34 in some of their better models. -AR

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Now that it's working again
, do a search for Gigand. Several people have had nice things to say. For my part, I love the Spectrum.

I've got a Spectrum and an Adventurer. Unbeliveable quality for $33! And the they come with tools to adjust the blade pivot tension.


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Here are some dealers for Gigand.

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I have sold three of the Spectrum LT's thus far at work. I have gotten a lot of positive feed back from the buyers. I was impressed when I recieved them. IMO blue is the best color. Seems to be the one most ask for.


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hey there,

those gigand folders are great, i just ordered another one, for a friend. the spectrum feels great in your hand and looks even better. i've found it to be a good "dress knife" as well as something that you carry around just to cut and peel things.