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Gigand Knives

Nov 29, 1998
I was looking at the new Blade magazine at the Gigand , Spectrum LT from Fred Carter. Any info on this brand, Gigand, quality, fit, and finish, steel used.


I've posted a similar question regarding these knives but there doesn't seem to be any takers.
Well, I don't have the Spectrum LT...sorry fellas! But, I bought my wife the little Mosquito neck knife with tanto blade. Great quality, finish, and price. Of course, folders are harder to make, but the Mosquito is one neat little knife (especially the magnetic sheath). Did I mention cheap, too? It's a sharp little SOB. I think Gigand used AUS-8A in that knife. That's the only little bit of Gigand I have for 'ya!
I saw the add and am interested also.They
look as if they have possibilities.We may
be seeing new ground broken in the quility
vs. price field,

OK OK Here is some info on Gigand or more in particular the Spectrum. I will bring in a few Spectrum knives for testing and let you know what I think. After that I may carry a few models like the Spectrum which is pretty cool. I held them at the Shot Show and the overall quality seems pretty darn good. I doubt Fred Carter would put his name on junk.



A world class, quality folding knife from GIGAND Knives. The SPECTRUM LT is made of the highest quality materials with the greatest possible precision. The SPECTRUM LT features a 3 1/8" taper ground blade of AUS-8A stainless steel, bead blasted to a satin finish and heat-treated to an RC57-58. The frame of the SPECTRUM LT is fully CNC machined 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, hard anodized in one of five vivid colors. A belt/boot clip is provided.

This is a one hand opening and closing knife which displays an unusually smooth, tight and fast action that utilizes special nickel alloy thrust bearings. The spring lock of the SPECTRUM LT is held in a machined recess in the aluminum handle. While some would call this a "liner lock", it has no liner, the aluminum handle provides the strength and rigidity that makes an added liner superfluous, thereby saving weight and width. The spring is made of 410 stainless steel fully heat treated to an RC-45.

As in all GIGAND high-tech folding knives, the SPECTRUM LT has a totally adjustable pivot. A special supplied spanner wrench allows the owner to adjust the blade tension to his own particular preference. A ball bearing detent keeps the blade in a closed position.

The SPECTRUM LT as been designed to allow disassembly without stripping the screw hole threads. In most high-tech folding knives, the disassembly of the knife is either forbidden under the warranty or strongly discouraged by the manufacturer. This is because many of the major assembly screws thread directly into either plastic or soft aluminum,, making the possibility of a stripped screw hole quite high.

The SPECTRUM LT weighs just 2.4 oz's and has an overall open length of 7 1/4" and a closed length of 4 3/8" while being less than 3/8" thick not including the belt clip.

The SPECTRUM LT is truly a knife for someone who wants a sophisticated, high quality, high-tech folding knife without the weight and bulk of other knives in it's class. Whether you're wearing jeans or a business suit, the SPECTRUM LT fits your style.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
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Thanks, Mike I will be waiting for you to get some in to see the cost and overall fit and finish. Let us know if we will be able to get them directly from you or have our local dealer order them from you.

Man, I've been eyeing that blue Spectrum for awhile... (even the red one). Two things have held me back. One. I'm not sure about the lock (not to critical since it would be utility). Two, more important, I have not been able to locate a dealer that carries it. I think the only place that had a Gigand I saw was the Knifecenter but it didn't carry the Spectrum models. I looked up the Gigand site and even it didn't have the model displayed. Plus, I couldn't find who their dealers are.

I think the MSRP was around $40 or so. If site has it, I'll even skip lunches for a week and buy it.

Opps I used Sparks Computer!

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OK I will get a few Spectrums in. Dealers should contact me if they want to carry them and members should tell there favorite dealer to email me for info. To date only a couple of dealers had showed me any interest but these new knives look cool!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!