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Gigand knives

Dec 23, 1999
hi all,
great forum,
just wondering about the quality
of the gigand line of knives
the price seems right but I
cant find any in town to checkout.
any info would be helpful.

thankyou, dan
Hi, I bought one Modell ( forgot which) for my girlfriend. I liked the option to choose from different scale colours. for women you have to get something else then basic black. the fit and finish was excellent, it cut like hell the price was right and it looked more like the price would suggest. the only problem she had was that the pivor screw loosend once. but we tighhtened it with the key that comes with the knife.
Overall I can recommend it.
I recently bought the Adventurer, then gave
it away for a Xmas gift. Nice knife for the
money...smooth action, nice blade. However,
I didn't care for the rather cheesey fitting
handle-insert (rubber?), and the fact that
the clip-side didn't have an insert.
I have a carbon fiber Shockwave that I like a lot. I wanted to get something to carry on dressier occasions, where I wouldn`t be cutting the tops off barrels or anything really heavy duty. The Shockwave features a Wharncliffe blade (AUS 8, I think) and some really pretty carbon fiber scales, all for about $50. It really was deal and a half!