Gigand Stallion


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Oct 5, 1998
I just bought a Gigand Stallion for my girlfriend to go with her Spectrum. I was sorry to see that it just failed the A.T.Bar test. (Is that what it's called?) After 4 whacks, it closed right up. Hopefully I just got a bad one. I haven't tested the Spectrum yet, but I will. What can I expect for $20 a knife??? -AR

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Well, I tested the Spectrum tonight and it passed with flying colors. Maybe I just got a faulty lock on the Stallion. -AR

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I know carries them. I think does as well. I don't think I saw the "stallion" though.

sing -- thanks for the reply but ABC doesn't sell internationally (i'm here in the philippines).

JackyL -- can i buy from your grandparents?
Well...I'm not sure if they do that either, but you can call them and work something out. I'm sure it will cost a lot more than $20 though. You can call them at (816)452-7292 for all different kinds of knives. My name is Adam. Good luck. -AR
Adam -- the international toll free is rather prohibitive right now. Thanks anyway!