gigand titan

Oct 26, 1999
i just got my first package from mike's sale. in there was a aluminum titan. overall, i'm very impressed with it. the fit and finish are good, at least as good as BM. the construction is solid, the lock is good and has passed the spine whack test about 20 times now. all edges are beveled and fairly comfortable. the steel is AUS-8, and came pretty sharp, though not like a spyderco. the two things that i don't really like are these. the clip is placed WAY too low and the thumbstud is a little big. but for $30, who am i to complain. it'll make a good user and i won't be crying if i lose it.

any other thoughts on it?
The Titan is a nice knife- different from the all-black stuff. By the way, I think 20 spine whacks is pretty impressive.
i have the gold one currently, that way if i drop it, i can find it. i'm impressed enough to call tomorrow and get a green one. it looks to be close to OD green, which is one of my favorite colors.

as far as the 20 spine whacks, i like to be sure. do you guys usually do more or less than that?