Gil Hibben knives

I can't say I've ever heard anything bad about any Hibben. What I can say for sure though is that fit and feel are brilliant on the knives I've held. As you may know, most of his knives are sold as centerpieces, but for that price it looks great.

For the money, I can't imagine you could do much better from new. Look at how many other generic knives on eBay sell for that price, at least it has a name!

Nice little kit :thumbup:
I'm no expert on Hibben knives, but most of them are low-budget products imported by United Cutlery (now out of business). He's primarily known for designing ridiculous fantasy wall-hangers like this:

Those hunting knives in the eBay ad may be something entirely different, but I'd want to know more before ordering. Made in China? Ultra-low-end 420JS steel?

Good Luck with your decision,
to add:
The Gil Hibben knives are made in Tawain, not China. The small knife in that set is 420J2 and the hunter is 440 stainless (I'd assume 440A). Might be an OK set, especially if the auction closes in the $30 range.