Gill nets

Jun 1, 2004
I carry a gill net in my survival kit and I was wondering how many others do the same. Also what are your thoughs on such a move?
I have never used a gill net personally. A gill net if you know how to set it will enable you to multi-task, collecting fish while you build a shelter or do some other job. Maybe at the end of the day you'll have dinner and maybe by morning again you'll have breakfast. A trot line will do pretty much the same thing in a lake or large pond. Passive means such as traps, gill nets, and trot lines allow you to actively hunt and forage. I think it's a good idea. Mac
You might want to do a search on "gill" on this forum.

There are about 20 threads or so on this subject.

One is one I posted about the legality of gill nets in some area.