Giraffe Bone SARK.....

May 6, 2000
Here is a SARK that I put titanium bolsters on and giraffe bone scales. The liners are blasted and anodized bronze and the bolsters are blasted and anodized a gold/bronze.

If image doesnt appear, hit refresh and also right click on picture and hit "show picture".

or here

sounds neat.

I couldnt get picture to work though :confused:

update : got picture to work for me, very nice
Teaser :p

Let us see the pic´s now.

Aaah, got it. Clicked the link and "refresh" - it worked. :)

I took some ideas from Kevin Robinson regarding making the bolsters longer, adding the thumb ramp and the transitions from the bolsters to the scales.......all worked beautifully. The bronze/gold bolsters matched real well with the giraffe bone scales.....kinda cool.

Thanks for your interest.

That job was around $150 and he supplied the giraffe bone. As you can see Kevin, I took your suggestions on making the bolsters longer and adding the thumb ramp. Even though not really functionally needed (otherwise the factory ones would have a ramp)it does add the appearance. It only has a slight dovetail, however, I think I would add more of it to giraffe bone so that it wont have a tendency to curl on the edges.....the dovetail would eliminate that.

Either way....this one came out gaps...very continuous and classy.