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Girlfriend takes my knives from Blade Show and calls them hers !


Feb 4, 1999
Well I gave her a Mel Pardue 850 BM and a Mini Socom but then guess what? I showed her my Newt Livesay Woo and she wanted it, so I gave in, I showed her my Bladeforums Native and she wanted it, so I gave in, she wanted my beautiful French Laguile with black horn scales, and I gave in ... but I held steady when I showed her my two Grecos, my Maurice Carters, my large Socom, and my Barry Dawson ..whooo.

I think it will be cheaper to take her to the show next time and let her buy her own knives ;-)

Isn't it strange what LOVE will do? Think it's bad with a girlfreind ... wait until you get married!

AKTI Member #A000003

P.S. As I was told when I was dating by my Father, "KEEP ON LIVING!"

" Knife Collectors Are Sharp People! "

I don't know whether or not to envy you. My wife somewhat tolerates my knife fascination, but I get to buy something for myself whenever I get her a knife (which is rarely). Right now, she's demanding a new pink delica. Hurry Spyderco!