Glad To Be Back!

Good to see you back.

Congratulations on your new position. I look forward to hearing more about Camillus products.
Glad to have you back! And sounds like you found a nice place to work to boot....good luck in that and we'll be expecting to see some neat things coming out of there now.


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When I first saw the title of this thread, I glanced over to the poster's name and saw that it was Will, and thought, "Hot damn! Will's back!" Glad to have you back, Will, your presence was missed, and congrats on the new position, sounds like a winner.

Your first official "Camillus" question: What models of the old Becker line will you guys be producing, and when will they be available? Hey, gotta ask, right?

Don LeHue

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I'm glad to see your return and have a sudden interest in Camillus knives.
Okay Will, now your on board, I will go buy a Cuda. EDI still has my Genesis, and no longer, my business. Congrats on your new position.
Don't get a swelled head Monkeyboy. Keep in mind other things float also.

Ok, now it's time to complete Camillus's entry into the 20th century and catapault them into the 21st. One more year to go and I don't doubt you'll shock everyone with the changes you'll help them make.

Take care,



Congrats on your new's great to see you back!

JP Bullivant
Excellent Will! You've just made Camillus a "company to watch" in my book. Best of luck!

Hey, can I offer some of your first "forum feedback" on the line you now represent? Lower the MSRP on the CQB-1! $175 (or thereabouts) is way too much to ask for less than a foot of ATS-34 with two pieces of G-10 bolted on. Don't expect to sell based on Bob T.'s name alone, but on the value it represents.

Glad to see your name back on the forums Mr. Fennell.


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Thanks for the warm welcome! It really is good to be back. With regards to the CQB1, please check he thread on the CAMILLUS forum where you originally posted the question for a complete answer from Phil Gibbs. Thanks for the input!

Stay Sharp!
Will Fennell
Camillus Cutlery


What other production knives of that size are available in ATS-34 for less than 200 bucks MSRP?

What are you comparing the CQB-1 to?

When was the last time anyone on this board paid retail for anything?

Just Curious...

I think criticism should be given-AFTER-you see the knife. I played with one at Blade. It was well worth $175.



Makes my heart glad to hear from you again. Congratulations on the new position...expecting to see some more good things from you.

Will, welcome back,I knew you wouldn't be gone long we need you in this industry and you belong here.
Camillus got a winner congratulations to both you and Camillus.
Lets go have a beer or something at the Shot show.
Aloha!! Ken
Here's another WELCOME BACK Will

Best wishes for continued success.

EDI's loss is Camillus gain!
(It will be kinda fun to watch the productivity curve of these two companies beginning now with a big jump for Camillus

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