Glock Field Knife

Glocks pistols are among the best autos out there.

Do their field knives hold up to their reputation? What steel do Glock use for their field knives? Any info from owners will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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I don't know about the steel - but as a field knife - it is great. The scabbard doesn't let the knife out on it's own. The blade is sharp enough for rough duty.

This knife is ment for the soldier in the field.

I want a Light Saber.

It is a thin sharp, pointy pry thing. Definatly not my first choice for a field knife. But it works I have had one as a banger,clanger,extra tent stake for over eight years now. If you can get it cheap and do not plan on using it for any heavy chopping it will be OK. I keep it screwwed to the thwart of my canoe.



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I have used one for my field knife while with the TA for several years now and for light duty it is pretty good.

Dont try and chop anything with it as they are far too light (after trying to cut tree branches snagging the cam net for a 4 tonne lorry I bought a parachette for such tasks)

I dont know what the steel is but the uncoated edge rusts like hell so I guess it is some kind of high carbon steel?

The sheath is superb as the knife fits in both ways (good for us lefties) and it comes on and off a web belt easily but is secure when on there.

They used to do a model with a partial saw back in a different coloured sheath but the saw bit was rubbish, go for the plain one.

Remarkably for knives in the UK mine was dead cheap, it only cost about £25 but this was about 6 years ago.

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Why not use your glock flied knife for heavy prying? I've had no problems with it.

Hi Titan!
You can bet on that. They rust easily. I took mine to a group of islands in the indian ocean (vacation). It did a good job opening coco-nuts but since then I have a light coat of rust on it. While I keep the knife well oiled the rust turned into some kind of coating and I hade no further problems.
In some hardware stores you can buy a can of High Temp Stove Paint, comes in a couple shades of black - but the flat black version makes a great blade coat for these and similar knives.

I want a Light Saber.

The sheath is the thing I like about the Glock knives. For the price its an okay knife. I have 2, one with the saw back(didn't know any better whan I bought it) and one without.


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It is a tough knife but it leaves a lot to be desired in cutting perfomance. I had to greatly alter the edge on mine to get it to cut worth a hoot at all. I think there are a lot better tough cutters out there for not much more money.