God Bless Our Veterans And Our Active

Oct 2, 1998
I would be remiss if I didn't give a hat check to Beau, who started this thread on another forum. God bless the Veterans of this great country, and may you rest in the Eternal Peace you deserve. You are the true heroes of this nation that we call the U.S.A. I also honor the actives of this country. As long as I can, I will vote Republican, to support you young folks that are carrying the banner of peace and freedom for all of us. God bless you all, (past and present).
Gene, et al:
Yes and yes again. I wish more would actually show at the parades instead of simply taking a day off from work. I remember too some of the "greetings" my peers got when returning from 'Nam. Thankfully those times are past and most wounds healed.
Despite the fall of the Berlin Wall and the breakup of the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, today's world is still fraught with dangers to our way of life. In many ways I think it is in fact even more dangerous than what we faced during the Cold War years. Unfortunately, those who serve are doing so with eroding benefits (such as medical care) and with budgets that have cut into the bone causing a paucity of critical spare parts, worn equipment as primary use, and practical training relegated to no-hands on too often.
Our base is the lead B1-B bomber wing for today's call up to answer the Iraqi situation. Even during "maintaince" periods, our kids go in "harms way". I had quite a few at the "towers" in Saudi when the terrorist bomb took out those hi-rise barracks. Bottom line is to not only remember those who (like Gene, I and many others here on the forums) have served, but keep those currently in uniform (like my son) in your prayers and reflected in your votes.

To everyone who served before me, with me, and to all those who have served since, I am proud to have you as my brothers and sisters, whereever you are.

May the Lord grant you 3-5 knot winds on the DZ, safe parachute deployment, a soft landing, and, no matter how long it takes, have you always return home.


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A from-the-heart Thank You and God Bless You to all who served, are serving, and who will serve, from my family and from all of us that enjoy the freedom you gave so much to get and to keep.
Thank You
We appreciate all the thoughts (veterans of foreign war) as well as all veterans. I spent some time in the Gulf, kicking Saddam's ass myself. We should've kept kicking but I guess that's why we have elections huh?

God bless the USA and all who defend her.