Goddard Lightweight



Looking for reviews of Spyderco Goddard lightweight. Its the first folder of its class I've purchased. I was a little disappointed with edge sharpeness from factory but it takes a good edge now.
I like the Wayne Goddard Lightweight. It's light, solid, and a very useful for a variety of purposes. I don't own one, though, since it's only available with combo-edge. I bought a new '98 Endura instead. The Endura is more comfortable in my hand than the Goddard.

David Rock
Dave, you're right about the weight -- that's the nicest feature about the knife. I also was attracted to the reversible clip but have found I really don't use the clip much, just bury it deep in a pocket I can easily reach.
Despite my comment about sharpeness, the blade sharpen up nicely and I have found it to be a good all purpose workhorse.
I have heard that trying to quick-snap the blade open is not recommended for this knife. Anyone heard why?

I might want an Endura to add to my collection now, David!

I like this knife quite a bit. It's a great value for the money ($50), and I love the splitedge percentages. Add its light weight, and it's a winner.

When I show my big box of knives to my gun-nut friends, this is one they always like.