Going Retro...

Jan 21, 1999
I've been looking at traditional pocketknives from Case, Camillus, Schrade and Remington. I'd like to own a small pocketknife with delrin stag handle, nickel bolsters and pins, brass liners and with less than 3" single blade for less than $25.

I guess this is for utility use and so as not to scare people unlike when I flip open my stainless Endura.

I like Remington's Gentleman's Knife. Any more recommendations?

You probably have about 200 knives to choose from that fit your description. Case, Winchester, Camillus, Schrade, Buck, and Boker all make that type of knife. Plus there are many I forgot. Any one of them should make a nice little knife. Good luck finding what ya like.
I have one of the Remington Gentleman's knives and I really like it. It's a good size to carry in your pocket but it's still big enough to handle most work.

Check out Smoky Mountain Knifeworks
"smkwknife.com", look at the specials and discontinued items. They have several items that fit your description and at good prices.
I had a moment of weakness this weekend and bought 3 knives and a zippo lighter case for $75.

Believe it or not, my interest in "retro" knives was sparked by Smoky Mountains catalog which I received a few days ago.

What pocket knives did you buy?

Take a look at AG Russell. They have some great classic knives incorporating some new technology. Beautiful pieces.


Clay Fleischer

"10,000 Lemmings Can't Be Wrong!"

I had some shaky logic going on but...
My brother gave me a knife display case with a black background, so now, I need some knifes that are not black.
S&W scrimshaw (decorative)
Schrade Future Farmers Of America ? (blue)
Remington Pocketlock (yellow)
Also they had a Puma Huntec II for $16, (it's black, but I can't pass up a Puma for $16)
There's something very satisfying about ordering a box full of knives.
Happy shopping