Going to Bowie School!

Oct 28, 1999
Next week at this time Mike Sastre and I will be in Texas with Bill Bagwell. He has graciously offered to have me down to his shop for the weekend and do some "learning"

I plan on taking a forged and ground fighting Bowie blade down and hopefully I can get him to heat treat it for me so I can see the "colors" in the steel.

I think we may even get some knifefighting in there too.

For me, this will be the experience of a lifetime and I hope to post some pics in a week or two.
Greg you will love it. Bill was just at my shop for a week. pay attention and listen. this is the second time bill has spent a week at my shop and the first time i learned things that i didn't even understand until he was here for the second time. the "colors" of heat treat are really easy once you see them. And you are right it is the chance of a lifetime. enjoy your time with him......erik
he was we needed something to do in between range sessions and buffalo hunts so he helped me with some damascus problems i was haveing.

Well looks like we have to cancel for now...Bagwell had some pressing business that he couldn't get away from....so I have to reschedule....bummer