going to reno

Mar 29, 2007
well, the people who run the code of the west gun shows don't seem to answer email, so I didn't do the smaller local show this weekend.

But I'm all paid up and getting ready for Reno. Drive out thursday for setup and see how the three days go. I keep getting a few more knives done, and selling a few knives, and it's looking like I'll be going with 23-30, depending on how this next little heat treat goes. And if I sleep or not. And if I mess up the 3 with handles that aren't finished....

How do you guys handle these things? Pricing is something I can't ever figure out, I'll just have to deal with that somehow. But - what happens if I actually sell out? do I hold onto a few as not for sale so I can show some of my work? I'll have 4 that aren't for sale anyhow, I guess. One is a family gift, one is mine, Koyote Girl's, and Ms. Koyote's. Oh, and my own necker, too. So 5.

I've got a hold of a few display cases, so I have a touch of security.

Nervous. NO clue at all how many knife sellers will be there and how many will be makers. Hoping I can sell enough that I can afford to trade, and that I can find a few trades I'm looking for. Hoping I don't end up dropping $500 in gas, table, and hotel for nothing, too!