Going To War

Oct 16, 1999
Hello Bladeforum members,

I posed the following question off of this WebBoard and received a response from a member who appears to know allot about knives please read it and give a response, even have a little fun with it (!)

My question:

If you were going to war which approx four inch lock blade knife would you take with you ??


This is a very interesting question and one that has not been posed to me in this way.

First, a Chis Reeve Sebenza . The best knife I know of

Second, I think the Applegate full size folder is probably the best combat knife, It was designed for that purpose by an expert and has received a lot of praise through the years. They are well made and sturdy.

Third The Microtech Socom. These are top of the line and would be the least likely to do anything but perform perfectly

Fourth, probably the EDI Genesis

Fifth I would likely take a Cold Steel CS34LTH. These are well made and
lock very solid.

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Great Topic, but it would probably get a better response in the Blade Discussion Forum.

Would you mind posting it there as well?


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