Gold Again!

Jun 8, 2000
A couple weeks ago I noticed that my Gold Bladeforums membership had expired. Cash is tight these days, so I thought long and hard about wheather it was worth renewing my Gold mebership here at bfc. Lately there has been a bit of a troll epidemic on bfc and a bunch of long time members seem to have either gone dormant or left. The place doesn't seem the same lately.

But having said that, I will say that I still find Bladeforums to be one of the best online communities around. I really enjoy several of the forums, but most especially the Shop Talk forum. It's an unbelievable resource for a knifemaker just starting out.

After a couple weeks of reverting back to Registered Member status, I felt the need to go Gold again. I know that bandwidth isn't free and that administrating a site like this takes up quite a bit of time, so I'm happy to make a $25.00 comittment to help Spark keep this place going. I don't post as often as I used to and probaly don't even read as often as I used to, but this community is still valuable to me and so I've pledged my $25.00 to help keep this place going for another year. Perhaps you might consider doing the same?

I will say that I think a $10.00 charge to change your user name is a bit out of line. Especially if a person has paid for membership (like me).

On several other forums ( , , and ) you can call me Excitable Boy, but here I'm still stuck with my old nic, jmxcpter, because of the above mentioned charges.

If you enjoy an online community I think you should support it, not just by participating, but financially as well. Whether by membership fees like here or a donation like some other places do, it costs money to host a site like this and I think that if you enjoy it, you should help suport it.. If you get something out of it, you should endeavor to give something back.

Glad to be Gold again.