Good books on Bushcraft,Camping,etc.

Jul 31, 2006
I' m looking for some ideas on where to find some good books on camping,bushcraft,hiking etc.I want to purchase one for someone so it must still be in print.Any ideas?
Jan 30, 2002
Camping and Woodcraft by Kephart is another that is a "classic" that should be read.


Sears for philosophy, contempory writers for equipment, Kephardt for scope.

I have a bunch of Angiers' books for ... well, just reading. :) Townsend Whelan and he put out some classic information.

Some sort of Wild Food Trail Guide, some kind of military survival book (?USAF?), and The Pocket Book of Ogden Nash for joy. :)

Have fun.
Jun 29, 2007
May 3, 2007
Whatever book(s) you choose, just for fun I'd throw in this one: How to Shit in the Woods: An Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art.

It may sound like I'm blowing smoke up your kilt but having led more than a few green horn boy scout troops and assorted other inexperienced types into the woods over the years I can assure you from experience that constipation will make its way through the ranks of those who fear showing their ass to Mother Nature.
Apr 14, 2006
This is a pretty comprehensive book since you didn't get too specific. I have an earlier edition and it's quite good.

Apr 17, 2007
Whatever happened to that thread we had where there was the list of books with ISBN numbers and everything?
Feb 8, 2004
Whatever happened to that thread we had where there was the list of books with ISBN numbers and everything?

DOC-CANADA had the best list I've seen (it's on the second page):

Book List Post

Survival Skills of Native California, Paul D. Campbell, Gibbs Smith, 1999, ISBN# 0-87905-921-4

The Basic Essentials of Desert Survival, Dave Ganci, ICS Books, 1995, ISBN 0-934802-67-X

The Best of Woodsmoke, Richard L. Jamison, Horizon Publishers, 1982, ISBN# 0-88290-203-2

Survival, A Manual That Could Save Your Life, Chris & Gretchen Janowsky, Paladin Press, 1989, ISBN# 0-87364-506-5

Earth Knack - Stone Age Skills For the 21st Century, Bart & Robin Blankenship, Gibbs Smith, 1996, ISBN# 0-87905-733-5

The Complete Woodsman, Paul Provencher, Habitex, 1974, ISBN# 0-88912-015-3

Survival FM21-76, Dept. of the Army (US) , 1957, ISBN# N/A

Outdoor Survival Skills, Dept. of the Airforce, Info Books, 1978, ISBN# N/A

Indian Fishing - Early Methods on the Northwest Coast, Hilary Stewart, Douglas & McIntyre Ltd., 1982, ISBN# 0-88894-332-6

Outdoor Survival Skills, Larry Dean Olsen, Chicago Review Press 1990, ISBN# 1-55652-084-0

Primitive Outdoor Skills, Richard L. Jamison, Horizon Publishers, 1992, ISBN# 0-88290-263-6

The SAS Survival Handbook, John Wiseman, Collins Harvill, 1987, ISBN# 0-00-217185-6

Outdoor Safety & Survival, Paul H. Risk, John Wiley & sons, 1983, ISBN# 0-471-03891-1

Woodsmoke, Richard & Linda Jamison, Menasha Ridge Press, 1994, ISBN# 0-89732-151-0

Tom Brown’s Field Guide to Nature & Survival for Children, Tom Brown Jr., Berkley, 1989, ISBN# 0-425-11106-7

Desert Survival Handbook, Charles A. Lehman, Primer, 1990, ISBN #

Primitive Wilderness Living & Survival Skills, John & Geri McPherson, Prairie Wolf, ISBN# 0-89745-997-0

Primitive Wilderness Skills – Applied & Advanced, John & Geri McPherson, Prairie Wolf, 1996, ISBN# 0-89745-984-9

Northern Bushcraft, Mors L. Kochanski, Lone Pine Publishing, 1987, ISBN# 0-919433-51-0

Survival Arts of the Primitive Paiutes, Margaret M. Wheat, University of Nevada Press, 1967, ISBN# 0-87417-048-6

Complete Book of Outdoor Lore, Clyde Ormond, Harper & Row, 1965, LCC#

The Survival Handbook, Peter Darman, Stoddart Publishing, 1996, ISBN#

Survival Skills of the North American Indians, Peter Goodchild, Chicago Review Press, 1999, ISBN# 1-55652-345-9

Ancient Skills, Stephen R. Coote, self published, 2005, ISBN# 0-473-08720-0

Desert Survival Skills, David Alloway, University of Texas Press, 2000, ISBN# 0-292-70492-5

Primitive Technology - A Book of Earth Skills, Society of Primitive Technology, Gibbs Smith, 1999. ISBN# 0-87905-911-7

How To Survive Anywhere, Christopher Nyerges, Stackpole, 2006, ISBN#

RG- Bushcraft, Richard Graves, Schocken Books, 1974, ISBN# 0-8052-0333-8

Survival in the Bush, Bernard Assiniwi, Copp Clark, 1972, ISBN#

Camping & Wilderness Survival - The Ultimate Outdoor Book, Paul Tawrell, Gordon Soules Book Publishers, 1996, ISBN# 1-896713-00-9

Tom Brown's Field Guide to Wilderness Survival, Tom Brown Jr., Berkley, 1983, ISBN# 0-425-05876-X

Tom Brown's Field Guide to City & Urban Survival, Tom Brown Jr., Berkley, 1984, ISBN# 0-425-06815-3

Tom Brown's Field Guide to Living With The Earth, Tom Brown Jr., Berkley, 1984, ISBN# 0-425-07213-4

Field Guide to Primitive Living Skills, Thomas J. Elpel, HOPS, 1995, ISBN#

Bushcraft, Ray Mears, Hodder & Stoughton, 2002, ISBN# 0-340-79258-2

Outdoor Survival Handbook, Ray Mears, Ebury Press, 1992, ISBN#

U.S. Air Force - Search & Rescue Handbook, Dept. of the Air Force, The Lyons Press, 2002, ISBN# 1-58574-555-3

Wildwood Wisdom, Ellsworth Jaeger, Shelter Publications, 1992, ISBN#

The Psychology of Wilderness Survival, G.F. Ferri, Skyway Printing, 1994, ISBN# N/A

98.6 Degrees - The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive, Cody Lundin, Gibbs Smith, 2003, ISBN# 1-58685-234-5

Wilderness Way Magazine (1-1 to 10-3 as of Dec. 18/04)

The Woodsmaster Vol. 1, Spark Based Fire Making, Ron Hood, 1996 (video)

Wilderness Survival #1, Chris Janowsky, World Survival Institute

Survival, 17 Ways To Start A Fire Without A Match, DeWeese / Meuninck / Forgey / Chris Clark, 1997, (Video) ISBN# 0-939865-42-4

Backwoods Survival Skills, Bill Gingras, 1988 (video)

The Ultimate Outdoorsman, Bob Newman VIDEO

Survival in the Bush, Robert Anderson / Bernard Devlin, National Film Board, 1994, Order # C 0154 032 VIDEO

Pocket Book of Survival, Beattie, Barnes and Noble, 2005,
ISBN# 0-7607-6333-X

Wilderness Survival Handbook, Alan Fry, Macmillan, 1996, ISBN#

American Survival Guide (later Self Reliance Journal)

Bulletins of Primitive Technology