Good Choice?

Apr 12, 2001
Well, just found out today that my wife's military unit is most likely going to be heading over to a very sandy area within a couple weeks. :eek:
I really want her to have a good solid knife to take with her. We looked at the Strider AR and are now looking at the Sebenza. It seems like a large Sebenza may have a thinner handle which would be good since she has small hands. Do you guys think this would make a good choice? She needs something that will be tough enough to handle the rough condition over there, and who knows what tasks it will be called upon to perform. Also, something that will hold an edge well becuase it could deffinetly go a while before it will get resharpened.

What are your thoughts? I have never had the privilidge to handle a Sebenza and there are no knife stores of that caliber anywhere near here. This is well above what we are usually able to spend on knives since we are both college students but this is one time where I really want the best and will find a way to pay for it. Is this the right choice in your oppinion?
I did the sand thing in the first Gulf War. I really feel a good fixed blade is the thing to have. If you could afford both a fixed blade and a folder, I'd would send her over with a Sebenza and a maybe one of the new Green Beret knives. If she prefers a smaller fixed blade, you could go with one of the one piece line A2 steel knives.

My wife's sister may be going over as well. Looks like this stupid war is inevitable.
The large Sebenza is pretty big, and might be a bit large for her if she has small hands. She could really have a problem with closing it, because the lock bar is quite stout. I have even had some difficulty closing one on occasion. I have decent sized hands, and it really fills mine up. Here is a pic for some idea of scale.



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