good cip knife < $30

Jul 2, 1999
A friend asked what is a good clip type knife for carrying while hiking. So I said i would ask all of you. He wants to spend less than $30.

Thanks for your input

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I paid about $24 for a new Smith & Wesson large SWAT folder. It's a good design in 440C with aluminum handles and rubber inserts. Some folks have complained that the linerlock looks thin, and I agree. It looks thin... but when I slam mine spine-first into a table hard enough to chip the wood, the knife doesn't close or even jam at all. I think these knives are real bang-for-the-buck sleepers. My only gripe with mine is that it's simply to large for my needs in a "beater." The small SWAT is a gem, but too small for any but the most gentlemanly tasks. Luckily, S&W has just released a mid-size!

-Drew Gleason
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Discount prices on spyderco`s endura should put him in the $30 range.They are light,easy to maintain and are cutting fools!A great knife to start one down the path of knife-nuttiness.
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Thanks for the suggestionsbut. . .
Where do I find these knives at these prices? The spyderco endura is ~$68 at the spyderco site. The S&W i have found for that price range.

Thanks again.
Go to Bullman Cutlery or Top Of Texas Knives or one of other fine dealers that frequent the forum and they can quote you a price. Both of the dealers I mentioned are great and give fast communications.

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When you go to a manufacturer's site you see the "list price" -- you know, the price that you see on the price tag next to the "discount price" and you are overcome with excitement at how lucky you are to have the opportunity to save so much money -- if you've just stepped off your flying saucer on your first visit to Planet Earth?

Manufacturers' sites are good for deciding what products you're interested in -- then you can run a web search on that product to find out how much it costs, as a rule. You can't do that with Spyderco knives, though, because Spyderco forbids their dealers to post prices on the web. Spyderco is afraid if real prices were posted on the web aliens would find out what the phrase "list price" means so soon after they step off their flying saucers nobody would have a chance to cheat them, so you have to run a web search to find dealers and then email them to find out what prices they charge. If that's too much trouble you can forget about Spyderco knives and look at other brands.

-Cougar Allen :{)

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