good fixed blade?

Oct 5, 1998

What are some good fixed blades under 9 or 10 inches in overall length? More of a combat style or fighting or military styles.
any opinions appreciated!
Rob Simonich's Cetan, available as a finished knife or as a kit, is tough to beat, and very popular. Check it out:

Boyer Blades multi carry drop point or tanto is hard to beat; a completed knife, powder coated, guaranteed for life, for $85, shipped to your door. Take a look:

Now I have to go lock the doors and lock and load, because the many, many other good fixed blade makers are going to seek revenge.

Both of the makers I suggested are on the Knife Links page: why not surf and check out the others as well? Hope this helps Walt
Thanks for the information .
Those are pretty good prices too!
The Swedish army issue survival knife by Frosts of Sweden. 4" stainless blade, molded-on plastic handle, ugly ambidextrous plastic sheath, practially weightless. Dirt cheap - carry two or three.

The Swedish army doesn't anticipate a lot of knife fighting, since it issues rifles, but it does expect soldiers to have to get through a few cold nights in the north woods. The Finnish army used knives of similar size, though more traditional materials, to good effect as tactical knives, back when they were fighting Russians.