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Good fixed Blade

Feb 22, 1999
I've been looking to round out my collection with a good mid-sized fixed blade. I doubt it will be for daily carry, and will most likely get used mostly when outdoors (camping, hiking, etc)

any have any suggestions? I've been looking at the BM Nimravus just because it's a neat looking knife, and it feels really good too. Has anyone used a Junglee brand knife?
I was interested in the baby hattori and the (ha) military bolo just for kicks..

any other suggestions? i'd like to keep the price at $100.00US

Well, if you are really interested in a fixed blade that will do just about anything that you REALLY need it to do on a camping/hiking trip, I would recommend a Buck Vanguard. It is WELL below $100, but has a useful blade shape, a comfortable grip, and is cheap enough that you won't mind actually using it for anything (well, for me, I don't mind; some don't worry about the more expensive ones either, but I just would). It has a flat brass butt cap that is useful for pounding in tent stakes in a pinch, a 4 1/8 inch drop point blade, and rubberized grip. Of course, you could probably get similar results from one of the Ka-Bar's, and with a longer blade. But, for me, those blades are just a little too long. The only BAD things I can think of about the Vanguard is the steel could be better (I think Buck uses 425 Modified, with about .54% C), and the sheath that comes with it is a crappy cordura sheath. I ordered one in leather from Buck, which is much better. However, after seeing his work, I would recommend one of the Kydex sheaths from Mike Sastre at River City. Great sheaths. Hope this helps. I know that it isn't the Nimravus, or one of the Junglee's, both of which DO look cooler. But, it works, and works well, at a very inexpensive price. In any case, if you are actually going to be doing much camping with it, especially backpacking, I would look for a knife that has a flat butt cap. I have used that feature MANY times during backpacking.

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I'm fond of the Specialists I (Boker/Nealy)even though I generally prefer folders.
It seems to fit your specifications well, including price.
It is compact and has the coolest sheath.
The BEST feature is the 440C blade.
Mine get carried, including exposed to the weather on the motorcycle.
Never had a problem with rust.
For high quality handmade using fix blades, its hard to beat a Dozier made. Most all of his models come with either a vertical or near horizontal kydex belt sheath. His horizontal sheath mounts with a quick but secure on- off clip and can be worn crossdraw or strong side abdomen. Bob uses D2 at a 60 RcH minimum, micarta scales and are full tang. Most of his blades are less than 4" but can be made to order.

Oh, yes they are at $125 to start with but well worth it with a lifetime warrantee. You can also find quite a few that are used on these 4 sale forums. I did.


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For a pure beat me, hurt me,tough fixed blade it`s hard to beat the Spec Plus line from Ontario Knives. I have the Marine Combat and the Quartermaster models and am very satisfied with both. For $100 you can most likely get one of each.

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Call up Rob Simonich and get one of his Cetans. I haven't seen his sheaths, but it is hard to beat the knife for the price. Another good hunert dollar knife might be on of Mike Irie's Sport knives.

If a bare tang handle suits you, you might consider the David Boye Basic III.

I bet Kevin Wilkins can make a heck of a knife for $100 US too.

Oh, the Spyderco Moran is universally praised by those who use them, and I think they can be found for less than $100.

Also the Falkniven F1 is under $100.

Greco Knives makes great knives for under $100.

Knives of Alaska Alaskan Bush Camp Knife ($70).


Have fun.

All fine suggestions. I did want to respond to your question about Junglee. I have a full size Hattori Fighter. It has similar fit and finish to the SOG fixed blade knives (It's made in Seki City as well) and sports excellent steel and a pretty design with the wood and Kraton hanldle. I refer to it as a designer fighter because it's so pretty. The little Hattori, of course, is identical but smaller. Super knives, in my opinion.

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I haven't got a Hattori, but I have got a virtually identical 8" Alley Kat and my girlfriend has the 6" version. These are purpose-designed man-killers in a similar vein to knives like the Germer Mk. 2 and the Applegate-Fairbairn (and I can't quite figure why we bought them -oh well). I would NOT recommend them for utility use.

They have relatively light blades (compared to their Katz drop-point counterparts, for example) with shallow grinds and relatively fragile points. They are excellent knives - exciting, complex grinds, nice finish, and good balance. But, IMO, they are not good utility knives. Check out Katz's drop-points for some fine stainless utility knives.


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On the Knives of Alaska Camp Knife, did/do you find the quality acceptable? The one I ordered had uneven grinds and spotted very easily for stainless camp knife. I would rate this knife pretty poorly unless quality control has picked up.

The Spydie Moran is well under a $100 around most parts here is a tremendous value in a smaller fixed blade.

The Tactical OPS line has been getting good reviews from the people I sold them too. Prices on several models run from $100 to $150, depending on what you want.


Before spending your $100 budget, check out the unique blades offered by Madpoet.

Here's the link: http://www.angelfire.com/mn/madpoet/index.html

Mel has some truly unique blades, made from the same D2 steel used by Bob Dozier. Most of his handmade knives comes complete with a leather sheath.

I can assure you, you won't find better service anywhere. I just ordered one of his clip point skinners with a custom 5-inch blade, whitetail antler handle and desert ironwood trim. Cost complete with sheath was $135 total.

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From my experience in canoe tripping i have found the following to be useful for camping chores.
Grohman #1 in stainless- great handle and blade shape

Spydie Moran - good steel and feels good in the hand with a blade that is barely long enough

BM nimravous (sp?) I have just used this on a weekender but it worked alright (not quite enough belly to be perfect)

ka-bar warthog- my new favourite ugly knife. Perfect for slicing bacon but big enough to fend off the bears who come looking for their share

CS master hunter- great steel (keep it dry) and a great blade shape
Just got a Cold Steel Recon Scout and couldn't be happier.
For the price, 99.00, at www.ultout.com you can't go wrong.

Good luck and happy hunting.

God bless!

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I also like the shape of the Buck Vanguard, but not the normal 420HC baseline steel. I got mine with the Zirconium Nitride (ZrN) Buckcote blade treatment. The ZrN is harder than most sharpening stones. They leave just a sliver of steel on one side for sharpening. The 692Z4 cost me $60.00 from Blowoutknives.com.

On the other hand I'm a sharpening nut so I also got a Fallkniven F1 with VG-10 steel. (I just love Vanadium.) The F1 cost me $66.00 from blowoutknives.com. If you want a bigger knife for around $100.00 you can get the Fallkniven A1 survival knife at the same place for $102.00.

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Did you receive my e-mail (sent about 2 weeks ago) regarding Chris Reeve knives?
Greetings all.

Sid Post: FYI there is an article review on Knives of Alaska by S. Dick in the latest issue of TK (July 99). They feature both the Bush Camp Knife and the Caping knife.


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While I have a Spydie Moran, and love it, I probably would rely on it as my sole camping knife. It is a great blade, but not as thick as the blade on my Endura. In another thread, someone went on a camping trip and took their him, he took the Moran for light duty and to check out how it would do. He took the Military to rely on. If the Mil has as thick a blade as my Endura, and my only other knife was the Moran, I would do the same. But, I would leave them both behind and take my Vanguard. Which is what I do.

Don't take this as a knock on the Moran, however. I love, love, love the knife. Just not to rely on for backpacking.

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I revived a Marble's 7" Stag Handled Trail Maker about a week ago from 1-888-knifesrus for $120. It's a very nice knife in a great steel, 5160M. It holds an edge well and comes back hair poppin easily. I bought it just for camping. Give it a look.

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If you can find a used Black Jack get one. I have the Trail Guide which is a nock off the Randall style. Great knife and great steel(A2). Mine has the stag handle which is gorgeous and the blade is a deep bellied clip point. Also the Cold Steel Master Hunter as a second would be great too. Ihave one of those too. Both are great knives with the CS being much easier to find and alot less pricey.
I posted the exact sme question about a month ago and ended up going with the Utility Fighter from Mad Poet Knives. It has a 6" blade made from D-2 steel with a Cocobolo wood handle and leather sheath for $145. I too specified $100 for my high end price, but couldn't resist my chance to get a custom made knife that reasonably priced. I should be gettig it in about a week or so. In the meantime, I picked up a Moran for $49.98 from Discount Knives (as I can never resist a deal) and between the 2 of these, along with my 12" LTC Khukri from Cold Steel, (also a great deal) I should be able to tackle any chore to come down the pike.
Happy hunting!