Good flexible stick

May 12, 2001

I am looking for a reasonably priced flexible striking rod, in the spirit of Cold Steel's Sjambok. I seem to recall someone else making better ones, but cannot remember who.

I noticed that some of you are not crazy about the Sjambok's handle.

What I seek is something that can be used to amplify the force of my swing and holds up to a beating.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

thanks in advance.
Definitely Newt's WA-1 sticks!!
I have two of them- incredibly tough and near-indestructible!! And best of all- they look rather innocent!
I just had an interesting experience with my Quality Farm & Fleet Sorting sticks. Those little skinny 3/8" diameter things that I mentioned picking up on July 4th.

I wrapped one end the 26" pieces removed from the "golf" handle with a double layer of sport friction tape, a single layer of 550 cord, and then another "cover" layer of tape.

The Result very comfortable grip on all the full power strikes and low vibration when striking the tire dummy.

On a whim, I grabbed some 12"x12"x1" pine boards that we keep lying around the house, and put one in the breaking rack.
A solid through strike EASILY broke the board in half with no visible damage to the sorting stick. Then my 10 year old son busted one the same way with a single strike............

This means nothing profound, but I have gained a VERY healthy respect for them after tonight.

Now to go buy some red tool grip stuff and paint the tips to look like a visually challenged persons walking stick.......:eek:
I keep one right next to the front door- amazing what leverage they provide when negotiating prices on Girl Scout Cookies... Trick-or-treaters also tend to leave more than they take. ;)
Seriously, it's one hell of a tool- well worth owning.