Good handle and lock on folders?


Apr 16, 1999
Hi folks
I'm sorry if this topic may have been discussed here before. I want to buy a new folding knife,but am not sure which one to choose between Spydie Lightweight Goddard and Wegner. Or other folders in this range of price (wish I could afford Zebensa). My primary concern is with the lock strenght and the handle design. I want the handle to have some sort secure guard that won't let my precious fingers slip whilst under moderate use. As there isn't any knife shop in the town where I live, I have to buy on the Net and hence can't give any knife a try. So, I'm begging for your opinion please...

TD (Manhcester)
Sounds like you're looking for a reliable folder and I figure your price tag is under $100 range.

If it is just a lock back that you're looking for I would seriously consider:

-Spyderco Endura
-Cold Steel Voyager (med, large, x-tra) in either clip or tanto
-Buck 110, particulary the Master Series. Great looking knife with BG-42 steel
-Cold Steel Gunsite II (just a fancier large Voyager)

There is nothing wrong with your choices either.

If you want to consider a liner lock, look at the Spyderco Military but that is over $100. Get the one with the CPM440V steel though if you get this one.

I hope that helps. No knife is 100% safe but those above are good choices.


Yo Kodiak

thanks a lot for the reply. I considered the Spydie Wegner because their ad said that the construction is very similar to Military. But now as I see how much people love Spydie Military, I will give it a thought. I see that the Military has a slightly thicker blade. Is there any other aspect of it that is more superior than Wegner or the Police?

TD (Manhcester)